Here’s some information you might be curious about. A lot more details will be given before and during the pre-session consultation. Just let me know if there’s anything else you would like me to clarify.


The main characteristic of my photographs is naturalness. This is one of the reasons why my sessions take place at the family’s residence or an informal place, like a public park. That’s where we are most comfortable, and it shows in the final result.


Another essential element is the light, and there’s no light more beautiful than sunlight, specially early in the morning or just before sunset. Although I prefer those times, there are ways to work around it and still find yummy light at any time of the day.


The sessions usually go for around 1 hour, newborns being the exception. These little fellows have their own schedule and we must respect it. Sometimes they interact, sometimes they sleep deeply, and sometimes they simply don’t feel like modeling. For them, I recommend booking a minimum of 3 hours.


In up to two weeks after the photo session, a viewing meeting is arranged for you to see the edited images and pick your favorites. I will be there to assist you with the best choices, taking into consideration the products you will have selected previously.

Within our concept, the photos are an intermediate stop between the starting point, which is the experience and the relationship we build; and the destination, which are the memories you will create and enjoy with your family, in the form of excellent customized products.

We always include a meet and greet, in person or by phone (the pre-consultation, to evaluate your needs, plan and customize your session), and of course, the portrait session. Afterwards we can arrange a viewing and selling appointment (for the presentation of the images and where I will help you pick and choose to create the perfect collection for your home).

Let’s create something special together?

Some of our professional photographic art:

Wall art
High quality ready-to-hang wall art, with options of solid wood frames and mounted,  printed on metal or canvas with wall mount.

Gallery frame with matted print

Solid wood frame

Dibond aluminum: incomparable durability and lightness

Direct print in dibond aluminum (texture detail)

Canvas mount: personality with quality

Marked outlines and vivid colors (texture detail)

Different models and sizes, personally designed to your taste. Include matching cloth bag. Also available in a pack with complementary products.

Cloth bag with pattern matching album

Each album is personally designed to your liking

Pack option with special accessories

The pack includes a customizable box

Professional prints
Prints and paper with ample chromatic range, for precise colors and lasting results, with pigmented ink or traditional photographic paper.

Photographic prints of various sizes

You have unlimited options with your prints

* Complete product and price list available in the Client Guide that you will receive when you book your session.

* All products and collections come with matching digital files.


  • The photo sessions take place in a place previously agreed upon, in exterior locations (whenever possible).
  • All products and collections include digital files.
  • Unlimited changes of wardrobe are allowed, although I don’t recommend more than two, for time and comfort.
  • A booking is only confirmed after the payment of the session fee and the signing of the contract with the full Terms and Conditions.
  • In case of bad weather or other issues of greater force, we can discuss options, such as relocating or postponing.
  • Payment for any product purchased is required upon placing the order. Usually this happens during the viewing appointment.
  • The digital files include printing and sharing rights, but not author and creative rights. The images are exclusively for personal use, unless previously agreed under contract. 

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