Gift Session

Boy offering flower | keepemlittle.comI don’t need to tell you why photographs make for good gifts. Are they personal? Yes. Do they last? For generations. Do they have sentimental value? Incomparable. Will they remember they exist? Possibly every day.

The very essence of photography is to preserve. People, moments, memories, life stages. This is what we allow you to offer when you give one of our sessions.

What do you think?

We have created a package of services and products specially for this situation, simple and uncomplicated, so that you don’t get overwhelmed picking among thousands of unnecessary options.

For 429€ 349€, the Gift Collection includes:

  • An interview to get to know the family, their tastes and characteristics.
  • The photo session at the family’s residence or a previously agreed on public place.
  • Access to an online photo gallery, to view and select the photos.
  • Editing of each chosen image, and preparation for production with our professional photo labs.
  • (8) 13 x 18 cm prints + (2) 20 x 30 cm prints on high quality photographic paper.

If you need more information, or if you are ready to order a Gift Collection, get in touch with us.