About Keep ’em Little:

Girl spontaneously posingKeep ’em Little was born out of the need there is to preserve. I don’t have to mention the importance of each moment and each phase of your children’s lives, you already know all about that. Now, how are you going to preserve those moments?

Your Facebook account won’t be passed on to the next generations. The photos on your phone likely won’t be transferred to your next upgrade. The DVDs and USB sticks you own will be forgotten in some drawer, and even if they’re not, we know we’re probably not going to be able to even read these technologies a few years from now.

I believe in physical products. That wedding picture of your grandparents is still up on some wall, isn’t it? You even might have a coffee table book of your wedding, and your friends always take a peek at it when they are around. And how do you feel when you go visit your parents and spend an afternoon looking at old family albums?

I believe in preserving by  capturing the true essence of those beautiful family moments, and then collaborating with the best suppliers in the country to provide you with top of the line wall art, albums and prints, so that those feelings are available to you not only for a moment, but for a lifetime. Or longer.


Photographer and his baby nephew

Me and my awesome nephews.

About Lutty Moreira:

Hi! My name is Lutty, and it’s not pronounced the way you might think. But it’s pretty simple: it rhymes with “Gucci”.

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, where I graduated in Advertising and Marketing, before moving to Los Angeles. There, I studied Photography at the Santa Monica College and started my career, working with renowned photographers.

Already in Barcelona, I dedicated more and more of my time to kids and family photography, as well as fashion, editorial and photojournalism. Avid traveler, my photographs have been awarded and published in several media in more than 10 countries.

After a year in Sydney experimenting photographically, and with years of experience under my belt, I realized it was time to take my services to the next level, offering the best experience and products my clients can have, personally taking care of every step of the process, from the first contact to the delivery of the final product.

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